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Here is the countdown of the world’s top 5 selling cars of 2013. Happy holidays everyone!

[au-tagline type=”large”]5. Chevrolet Cruze[/au-tagline]

[au-columns ][au-column size=”4″]0912_03_z+2011_chevrolet_cruze[/au-column][au-column size=”8″]Global sales are expected to exceed 729,000 for 2013. Since 2008, the “Cruze” nameplate has referred to a globally developed, designed and manufactured four-door compact sedan, complemented by a five-door hatchback body variant from 2011. In 2010 Chevrolet sold 187,737 in China, much more than the 20k+ in United States.[/au-column][/au-columns]

[au-tagline type=”large”]4. Hyundai Elantra[/au-tagline]

[au-columns ][au-column size=”4″]hyundai-elantra[/au-column][au-column size=”8″]Global sales are expected to exceed 866,000 for 2013. Elantra is sold under different names like Avante in Europe because of naming disputes with Audi’s Avant and Kia’s Elan. Still together the sales of this model seem to be surging. [/au-column][/au-columns]

[au-tagline type=”large”]3. Volkswagen Jetta[/au-tagline]

[au-columns ][au-column size=”4″]Volkswagen-Jetta-inside[/au-column][au-column size=”8″]Global sales for the Jetta are expected to exceed 905,000 for 2013. This car has been on the market since 1979, and since then it has grown in power and size but also won the 2009 Green Car of the Year, and sold over 10 million vehicles.[/au-column][/au-columns]

[au-tagline type=”large”]2. Toyota Corolla[/au-tagline]

[au-columns ][au-column size=”4″]Toyota Corolla[/au-column][au-column size=”8″]It’s expected Toyota Corolla to finish second again this year, with sales of 1,001,141 vehicles. Globally Toyota Corolla sales are largest in the United States with over 290 thousands in 2012. On 10 October 2012, Toyota recalled 7.4 million vehicles worldwide, including Corolla models, due to malfunctioning power windows.[/au-column][/au-columns]

[au-tagline type=”large”]1. Ford Focus[/au-tagline]

[au-columns ][au-column size=”4″]Ford-Focus[/au-column][au-column size=”8″]The king this year is going to be Ford Focus with sales approaching 1.1 million vehicles. Ford Focus was first introduced in 1998 in Europe as replacement for Ford Escort. It has since grown in sales and in 2012 surpassed the Toyota Corolla to become the world’s best selling automobile nameplate. [/au-column][/au-columns]