Project Description

Mercedes Benz is surely a household name when the global automobile industry is concerned and whilst the German entity has been known as one of the top providers of classy and executive cars for the last few decades, it does look like indeed Mercedes is not stopping. The company is slate to launch a new model- the Mercedes Benz s class 9th edition. The car has been highly anticipated and in fact, some of the features the car is slated to have just underscore the well earned position by the company in the production of highly executive cars with an exquisite touch of elegance and modern designs. The 9th generation Mercedes s class has to go down as one of the best designs ever in the s class series probably because the company is looking to recapture its market due to increasing competition.

Among some of the interesting features that the car is accustomed to, there is a convertible model with an option of 2 to 4 doors. The look of the car is identical with the previous s class models and in fact it is very clear that if there is any change in the look and design of the latest edition, it has to be the reduced size and length of the front grill. However the interior design of the car has considerably changed. The s class headlights have also been upgraded. The lights have been accustomed with a daytime running LEDs wrapped just around the fenders and hood.

This has served to improve the design of the car making it sleek and attractive. The front grills have also seen a major overhaul from the previous models. The grill has added lines to the hood that swoop prominently from the headlights all the way to the rear lights.  The Tail lamps have also seen a major upgrade and aside from that, the car has a twin exhaust pipe. The classic look of the car is for sure one of the major reason why it has been widely anticipated and as soon as the s class 9th edition hits the show rooms next year, there are a lot of people and car enthusiast who would feel that indeed it has what it takes top live up to its billing.


Mercedes s class series has a very good history to be fair and this new car model will definitely be inching towards this same history. In any case, there will be quite a number of car critics that would try to see if there is anything falling short of the s class as per the recent said features of the car. While it is fair to conclude that the world has a lot of car models with unique and effective designs, if there is a car that has epitomized the entire industry in every dimension, from performance to aesthetic design then he Mercedes Benz s class 9th edition will fit the puzzle.