Project Description

For parents, it can be very worrisome to have teenagers who drive. It can be very much a worry to think of the different fatal accidents that they may meet on the road especially if they prove to make driving something more fun rather than a responsibility. However, the new DriveScribe application can be of much help in order to reduce the worry since your teenagers may be interested in the different rewards they might get as they use the said application while driving their auto. It’s a new Android and iPhone application that will help your child drive more responsibly without you nagging him impossibly to drive more carefully each time.

The good thing about this application is the fact that once it becomes installed into the Android phone, all incoming messages and calls get blocked. This proves to be so very important because a lot of road accidents happen due to receiving these calls and messages while driving. It can be an added contention that iPhone might make it better to add the same feature to its version so as to give more teenagers the chance to have the additional features being enjoyed by those who own Android phones.

The application actually acts like a teacher to the teenager because it monitors the driving as your teenager is on the road. Each thing is monitored so that fast driving, sudden braking, and traffic regulations compliance is looked into. When mistakes are done by the driver, the application gives of an alert so as to reiterate the mistake. More like acting like a parent sitting at the passenger seat, right?

As the driver gets to make good points while using the application, he gets top earn these points and can be exchanged for items at different friendly sites online. These can prove to be more rewarding since it will help the teenager learn more about responsible driving while getting rewards for each good deed done. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to earn extra points that may be exchanged for gift certificates and different items among the different friendly sites online?

The good part of this is that the application is actually free and can be installed easily. It can be a much more effective teacher so that you, as a parent, won’t need to worry too much while your child is out driving the car. You can simply let the application guide the teenager and wait for him to tell you about his progress. As expected, this application may be an effective way in order to tacitly help your child be more responsible while driving and keep him out of trouble each time he drives the car.