Project Description

Toyota is considered the oldest car building company all over the globe designing and manufacturing different brands of cars worldwide, with different specifications, designs, models and price range.  The 2011 Toyota Yaris is considered a fuel economy hybrid and a subcompact car. The Yaris 2011 model built in a stylish and a fantastic look attracts not only the attention of fuel economy car users. 2011 brand of Yaris arrives in the market with new look and new compatible functions which are equipped with more specifications and designs.

Fuel economy cars have changed the car industry and saved peoples budget. The 2011 Yaris fuel usage is one gallon of fuel per 35 miles on a highway. However some millage decreases to 29 miles per gallon of fuel on street roads and inside city due to brake system and non constant speed.  The most charming and enhancing figure is the electronic brake system which automatically cuts off fuel to the engine when the brake is applied.

The 2011 Yaris is available in three types of model depending on the choice of family and customer. The stylish two door car is fully designed for a couple and a four door for car for a small family custom. The four door sedan model is for general purpose and is sought by the majority of the car buyers. The height of vehicle is a bit large due to its only 12 feet size but it does not create any road grip problem. The car is enough smooth and speedy due to its aero dynamic shape and low height from the ground.

For cargo option, there might be some problem as space is quite low, but a small family can manage put the luggage inside by folding the back seats or adjusting the front seats. Toyota 2011 Yaris is available in sports contrast with speedy turbo option and vast width alloy wheel. 2011 Yaris is available in five speed manual transmissions and four speed automatic transmissions. The car engine generates 106 horse powers with respect to the 23 hundreds pounds weight of the car.
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