Project Description


The most awaited event of this year is the Olympics that will be held in London. This event has big time sponsors and one of them is the German automotive company known for their sharp, sleek and luxurious cars; BMW. They are loaning 4,000 cars from diesel to hybrid and even electric cars to the organizing committee of the 2012 London Olympics. These cars will be used to transport different VIPs to and fro different destinations in London. These loaned cars will travel designated Olympic roads that London has arranged to avoid traffic and other delays of any sorts. Even ambulances and other type of emergency vehicles are banned to use the designated Olympic roads to make sure that game officials, LOGOC employees and other VIPs get to their destination in the shortest time as possible.

The loaned 4,000 BMW cars are mostly 3 and 5 series in Efficient Dynamic look, which is the company’s eco friendly look. These vehicles will be assigned to VIPs together with chauffer’s who volunteered for the job. You can distinguish BMW cars for Olympic used by the distinct London 2012 logo located on the doors of the vehicles and just for a quick FYI, it is estimated that these cars measures 10 miles if parked end to end.

The Olympic lanes will go through major areas of London such as the Olympic Park in Stratford and also the areas surrounding the ExCel arena and Greenwich Park. Other major areas will also have Olympic roads that will for sure affect transportation systems of the city. These may mean that commuters will be greatly affected during especially during the busiest time of the Olympic season.

The cars loaned by BMW have passed London’s strict standards when it comes to CO2 emission. The 3 series has an emission rate of 109g/km and the 5 series an emission rate of 119g/km. These results are within the 120g/km emission rate bracket of the country therefore pollution is lowered. The hybrid and electric vehicles together with the pushbikes that are used in this country will help cut down the pollution to a minimum during the whole Olympic season. This is good news compared to the news regarding transportation disruptions and rerouting.

No matter the news, the London 2012 Olympics is still one of the most awaited event of the year and thanks to the 4,000 vehicles loaned by BMW, the transportation of at least 250 officials of the country and other VIPs as well will be well accommodated. And thanks to the London government for the Olympic roads that these BMW cars will use to ferry the VIPs too. This just shows that BMW has extended a helping hand to the country not just as a sponsor or a participating country but also as a friend of the nation. It’s a win-win situation because BMW got to show the country it is eco friendly cars and London gets to worry less on chauffeuring the VIPs of the games and of other countries as well.