Project Description

This year, BMW has upgraded their 2013 Alpina B7 with more features that enhances the performance of this vehicle. Its limited production will surely make consumers line up in showrooms this summer. This cars limited unit has made it the top dog of the BMW 7 Series. It has been reported that this beautiful machine has already set its public debut to take place at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this coming August. The changes made by BMW on the 2013 Alpina B7 maybe subtle but it still made the performance level of the machine go up. It even made it classier while keeping the hand-crafted feel of the vehicle. The usual standard and long-wheelbase model with rear-drive or xDrive AWD options are still up to the consumers to choose from.

The new 2013 Alpina B7 has a 4.4 liter twin-turbo charged V8 engine that had been upgraded with the Valvetronic throttle-less intake system by BMW, just like it’s other 2013 7 Series brothers. The added upgrades to this car has given it more output power; from 500 to 540hp and a maximum torque of 538 lb-ft from the usual 516 lb-ft. The Steptronic 8-speed high-performance automatic transmission of the new Alpina model just made it stronger and can now charge from 0-60 mph in just 4.3-4.4 seconds which is a bit quicker than the 2012 model. This new Alpina transmission can also make the car reach a speed of 175 mph to 194 mph for its rear-drive models and 193 mph for the xDrive options.

2013 Alpina B7 is now equipped with BMW’s Automatic Start/Stop feature, combined with the Valvetronic system this machine is said to gain a 20 up to 25 percent rate of improvement from the baseline 2013 BMW 750i. This might be the reason why BMW has said that it is more efficient than its predecessors.

Alpina also houses the company’s adaptive suspension system, Dynamic Damping Control feature, and Active Roll Stabilization quality add the xDrive AWD system too to the list and you will surely have an idea of how powerful and wonderful this vehicle is. The light weight 21 inch, specifically Alpina designed, 20 spoke alloy wheels; 245/35 front and 285-30 for the rear, with a Michelin PS2 tire keeps this machine firmly on the ground.

BMW has always kept their features to be both eye-pleasing yet functional so the exterior changes that the 2013 BMW Alpina B7 has made the vehicle more aero-dynamic and aero-friendly. The Xenon Adaptive LED fog lights of this car adds more security to the driver during nigh drives couple that with a decklid spoiler and some newly styled taillights, the B7 surely has all of the latest 7 Series’ upgrades and even more under its hood. The exclusive Alpine Blue Metallic color is still available together with other color pallets that you can choose from.

The interior of the Alpine B7 2013 models are endowed with primo wood and leather fittings and the newly added BMW Active Protection system, ceramic not metallic face of the secondary controls. With a premium Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System and LED headlamps, this vehicle totally rocks from outside all the way through the inside.

Priced at a starting amount of $128,465 for the standard-wheelbase 2013 BMW Alpina B7 and $132,395 for the long-wheelbase models while standard and long-wheelbase xDrive B7 models will have a starting price of $131,495 and $135,395 accordingly, this car is going to be a hit for the those people who are looking at both functionality and aesthetic quality.