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Sports utility vehicles or SUVs have all over a sudden become extremely popular. Whilst the designs of different SUVs remains diversified, there is a common reality about the cars that we just have to acknowledge. Aside from the power and energy efficiency, the cars do represent a mark in modern car designing and manufacturing. That point well noted it is not surprising that the global sale of the cars has been stable and relatively exceptional. The diversity of SUVs brings in a very important aspect of comparison. In any case, some of the top SUVs in the world right now are well highlighted.

In this review, the information and the rankings are based on objective analysis and some of the features these cars have that give them an edge over the competition. To start with, there is no denying that if there are SUVs that have defined modern car manufacturing, the Hyundai Tucson is for sure the top in the list. The car has superb features and with a four cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5l, it’s not hard to see why. The car has an amazing cargo area and more to that, the fact that it is one of the few SUVs with an effective road handling ability, the car ranks among some of the top SUVs in the world.

Aside from the Hyundai Tucson, one of the other SUV that really has a mark in the world market is the jeep wrangler. The good thing about the car is that it has a v6 engine of 3.8 liters. The design of the car is durable and in addition to that, the jeep wrangler is attributed with a double engine transmission system both manual and automatic. The Subaru Tribeca is yet another SUV that indeed ranks high in terms of power and road handling. The car is no different from what you would call a normal SUV and with a 3.6l six cylinder engine, if its power and energy efficiency to be fair there is none that beats the Subaru Tribeca. The car just fits in the best definition of an SUV and more to that, the car has a seven sitter attractive interior.

Another SUV that makes it to the top list is the jeep patriot. The car is defined by a lot of features the least of those being a 2.6l four cylinder engine. The car is designed with class and is as such accustomed to an automatic CVT transmissions and a very unique design. The car is spacious and has a very good road handling option for any driver. A perfect match of the car can be seen in the 2.4l Honda CRV which aside from the fact that it has a very formidable interior, the car  has a remarkable fuel conservation ability and represents one of those gorgeous city cars that establishes a code with the big city lights. In any case these are top notch cars that dominate the SUVs market.