Project Description

Every single person who is a fan of the VW Golf was also interested in Toyota Auris, which is the biggest competitor for the German manufacturer. Now Volkswagen can worry as the new Toyota Auris model has just been announced and presented. It appears on the market as a family hatchback that made an impact from the moment the first pictures appeared on the Internet.

As with every respectable semi-official launch, there were no many details that were released to the public. However, some things are obvious while others were announced in order to keep potential clients interested. As soon as you look at the car you can notice the more angular design. The car is definitely longer, lighter and lower when compared with the Toyota Auris model that is sold at the moment. The new point type design automatically shows that the car is more efficient. It will now feature a Cd0.28 drag coefficient, just like the Volt model from Chevrolet.

MPG is a really important part of the decision process for any person who buys a hatchback but Toyota did not release any information about that. What we do know is that there are various diesel and petrol based engine variations that will be offered and even one hybrid option.

The interior of the new Toyota Auris offers more space and it does look like it is a lot more comfortable. SkyView was included and this basically means that you get a chance to view the largest possible part of the sky when compared with all other cars that include panoramic sunroofs.

At first glance, the handling will be better because of the fact that the body stiffness of the vehicle was increased by 10 percent and the overall weight saving that is visible is up to 40 kilograms. The center of gravity is visibly lowered and the use of special high tensile steel is a welcomed addition. Power train details were not released but some inside sources said that it is better. That can only be a good modification to an already impressive power train.

The most important part of the new announcement is the fact that the company expects around one third of all cars that will be sold to be hybrids. Such an expectation is not far from the potential truth since the Auris hybrid model that is available at the moment is already second in Europe hybrid sales. Only the Prius sells better.

If you are looking for a car in this segment of the market, you will surely want to consider the new Toyota Auris. The official unveiling will be done at the Paris Motor Show, which will be held next month. You can grab your tickets now and witness what might be the launch of the year in this sector. Although the Golf is still the car to beat, this new Toyota Auris might have the tools necessary to do just that.