Project Description

Well if you are an avid automobile and car enthusiast you would probably know by now that BMW this year decided to conduct a series of upgrades on its 2012 Alpina B7 in a bid to improve the performance of the car as well as increase its competitiveness in the car sector. To be honest the BMW Alpina B7 was already a high profile car with very unique and definitive features and considering the fact that the company has decided to upgrade what is already a very effective car, there is no arguing that the car would be the next top catch in the market pretty much because of many legit reasons.  The car in fact (the upgraded version) will be produced on limited supply and therefore the demand is expected to be very high.

In any case however, the BMW Alpina B7 is a top class car what makes it a very competitive addition in the car industry. What is interesting about the upgrade is the fact that indeed the added features have considerably improved the car performance and its energy efficiency. With a v8 4.3 liter turbo engine, there is no arguing that in every dimension it is a powerful car. In addition to that, the upgraded Alpina B7 has increased its output power from 500hp to 540hp which is of course a significant rise and not just that, the car has now an amazing a maximum torque of 538 lb-ft from the usually 516 lb-ft that it used to have.

It is this unique upgrade that makes the car very ideal for the current trends and in fact, what makes the car essentially special is the fact that it has managed to combine a distinct blend of powerful engine performance and an equally distinct look in design and usability. The car has an amazing Steptronic eight speed high performance automatic transmission which has just made it stronger and can now charge from 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. The speed level as a result of this charge will range form 150mph to 193mph which is absolutely and amazing speed compared to the previous models.

The new look car has also been accorded an effective and modern Automatic Start and Stop utility which has actually been combined  with the Valvetronic system  which reportedly has an ability  to gain between 20 – 25 percent rate of improvement relative to  the other car. In other words all of these new features have just made the car better and stronger but also, there will be quite a number of people who would see the 2013 BMW Alpina B7 as one of the best cars this year based on the improved engine performance. The most interesting thing about BMW is the fact that they have always kept their cars both appealing and functional at the same time and for the 2013 BMW Alpina B7 is no different. The car just says it all to be fair!!!