Project Description

Among other turbo sports cars, the brand of Lamborghini relates to the speed and fun style. It’s an impressive car of the manufacturing company, that is producing cost affective and high mechanical performance automobiles that are commonly available in two door units and four door units, depending upon the buyer’s choice. Lamborghini is an Italian brand company that is known for the hard cover infrastructure, high performance work design and suitable prices. Latest model of Lamborghini in 2010 is fully equipped four-cylinder car with standard 6.5-liter engine of the V12 category.

This engine has capacity to generate the maximum torque of 670 horsepower as it is a sports car. Although the engine is running with great speed and complete road grip, on the fuel side, the economy average of this car is very poor and it provides only a 14 Miles in a single gallon of fuel on highways and 9 Miles per gallon of fuel on streets and busy roads.  Lamborghini Murcielago is high performance sports car whose competitor in the market is Ford Mustang and Ferrari.

The accelerator of Lamborghini reaches up to 212 mph in just 3.2 seconds and it is the worlds’ speediest car. In this regard, the Lamborghini Company has taken some serious steps to maintain road safety and driver control over the car. The car arrived on the market with lock brakes that provide roll back to the car when drivers apply the brake. The brake system of this car is very powerful and energetic with air bags and pressure bag system for the driver as well as for the passengers. The interior of Lamborghini is constructed with very strong materials to provide road safety.

The interior of the car includes fantastic features which include four way driver and passenger seat adjustments. The electric window system and remote control keyless entry adds new style of taste to driving. This vehicle has alarm monitoring system to provide maximum security while fast driving on plain roads. No doubt, Lamborghini introduces the speediest sports cars with high performance engine work, which provides quality road grip and easy drive.

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