Project Description

Mazda has decided to make new enhancements in the car design technology and by getting rid of old truck like cars, Mazda is now on full boom introducing 2011 MAZDA2 in the market with new equipped features and specifications.  The structure of the Mazda2 car is quite the same as Ford or any other brands. The contract of designing the 2011 model has been assigned to North American manufacturers to use maximum features for bigger market penetration. Mazda2 is latterly known as the best and most market selling brand among all the models of that company.

Prices are set much better by using more features as compared to old models. It is the same terminology that Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 have, much same exterior, both companies have front bumper design, rear and front wheel bearings and some part of front systems. According to some expert, the techniques of designing features have many resemblances in both Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 in 2011 shapes.

Most standard specifications include 15 inch alloy rim wheels, packed with wheels cubs. The door handles are the same color as the car body and have a very decent look. The interior package of car includes Air-conditioning system, CD/MP3/ Radio transmission system, four speakers with complete sound system, cockpit like steering wheel with full power options. Front and rear wipers are added to make the front and back mirror neat and clean. The latest feature of key-less entry is also added to make the brand more popular among its lovers.

Flexible seats are designed by the manufacturer, keeping the concept of comfort in mind. It usually takes direction up and down in 60/40 angle or has adjustment according to the will of passenger/driver and has brand of Fabric cloth seat covers. Mazda2 has capacity of four passengers with a 100 cubic inches space provided by the manufacturer. While testing the Mazda2 brand, it has been observed that the car usually provides the average fuel economy of 35 Miles in a gallon with manual transmission, and 34 Miles with automatic transmission on highways.

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