Project Description


The idea of a smart car is not very far from reality and as top engineers in the car manufacturing sector continue to explore the possibilities of a revolution in the smart car industry everyday everything that comes out of this sector draws the world close to a fully functional smart car. Well it may seem a rather easy task in this age of modern technology to develop a smart car in fact based on the innovation seen so far in the world would definitely get anyone thinking that maybe a smart car should have been invented long ago but to this date, researchers continue to explore different ways to come up with an effective and safe smart car. The challenges have been immense and in this article some of them are well highlighted and explained.

To be fair smart car technology is not new and has been in place for quite sometime. The automation technology has just been advanced over the years. Among the recent and actually most sophisticated innovations about the cars one of the best ones have included the satellite track systems, automated breaking systems and smart car control systems. It is this level of innovative ideas in the deigns that opens a door towards an accomplished smart car industry, one that many car enthusiasts have seen it as so near yet at the same time so far. While the challenges towards a smart car have been well documented, what surprises many people is the fact that many of theses challenges are not actually technological but bureaucratic.

Many top level car manufacturers have been guilty of disregarding innovative tech towards their designs in the expense of a more radical approach based on traditional mechanical productions. Whilst many of these top dons have acknowledged that a smart car would seem a very good addition to their products line, there is yet little to show about the extent at which this companies have gone in making smart cars a reality.  The amount of innovation that is today seen in the car industry is just top notch and if you balance the scales you can see why it is surprising that up to now, a smart car has just been this beautiful theory that looks real yet its not.

For many manufactures the idea of developing large scales smart cars is not in the cards in fact the main manufactures that have embraced the idea have limited the use of smart technology to just control and satellite surveillance but again, they have also created an option of manually navigated cars. This is just a clear indication that these companies are not willing to risk a technology that is not yet very common to many potential car users. Whatever the case is, the principle factor here is that a smart car is something every one is looking forward to yet the reality is the best people who have the might to make it a reality have backed down towards the course.