Project Description

Hyundai Sonata 2011 model is a royal class car, luxury brand that arrived technologically   fully equipped. It is a family size car with complete luxury functions. The car brand is available in three models, which are termed as Hyundai Sonata GLS, Hyundai Sonata SL and Hyundai Sonata Limited. Each model has different functions with respect to prices paid. If we discuss the specifications of this car model, Sonata GLS car is equipped by a 16 inch powerful steel wheels grip, energy saving and chilled Air-conditioning system and modern function of keyless entry.

This vehicle also includes trip computer to check the various functions of the car as engine is either running or stopped.  The most charming option is the Bluetooth connectivity in the car with a phone book download option inside. The car is fitted with USB device system which has a link either with a CD ROM or DVD Rom or a mp3 series. Laptop and iPod are added to the car for maximum entertainment.

Eight way adjustable electronic driver seats have a positive role for best drivers comfort. Automatic head lights and alloy wheels are part of the car navigation system. The second brand of Hyundai sonata is SL which is termed as a sports car having an eighteen-inch alloy rim wheel with fully loaded mechanical wise strong engine. SL have safe driving experience on smoothes as well as rocky roads. Interior features are almost same as in GLS model.

However, the steering wheel is tilt with a leather cloth to maintain the grip on the handle. Sunroof, premium audio speakers, back up rear view camera and headlights are also bundled in the navigation system. Hyundai 2011 Sonata is trimmed with a 2.4 liter engine V4 capacity and has direct fuel injection system. The sports model easily generates the maximum torque of 200 horse power in full running mode. The brand car of 2011 Sonata is equipped with six speed gear boxes in both automatic and manual transmission.

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