Project Description

The Honda Accord has been observed to be the most stolen car. Latest news says that the Accord has made it to number one as the vehicle that gets stolen most often. Further said by the news is the fact that older vehicles get more stolen because of the fact that it is easier to pry into the auto as compared to newer versions. This is because newer vehicles have the advance technological systems that prevent them from getting taken easily. Therefore, it is recommended that older versions be replaced as soon as owners get the budget to do so.

By looking into the list of most stolen vehicles, people may be able to assess the risk that accompanies the investments they make. As reiterated by the NICB, it can be said that one of the main things that owners can do to save their autos from being stolen is the use of commons sense. The use of devices and alarm systems that may be able to sound off as soon as possible theft happens can be very important so as to protect your vehicle. It is also recommended that parking in obscure and dark places should be avoided. Also, it is imperative that doors should be locked when left in the parking area.

It can be said that knowing the list of cars usually stolen will help people be able to find ways in order to further protect their investments before thieves get the idea of stealing them. Therefore, owners need to be more vigilant in order to prevent the increase of vehicles being stolen. Having possible tracking devices within their vehicles can also be of much help.