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If there is anything that has in the recent past defined the automotive industry for the better part of the last decade truth be told is definitely steel. The alloy has been the driving force behind effective automobile design and not just because of its durability and strength but also because of its availability and cost effectiveness. However with the increasing call for “green cars” or for that matter energy efficient cars and automobiles, it is becoming clear that steel cannot offer that regardless of the long list of advantages it brings in automobile design and manufacture.

Global research work all over the world has been looking at aluminum as a very important part of the future of the automobile industry in terms of designing energy efficient cars based on the latest technology. In the initial stages the rational behind the use of aluminum has been inspired by the fact that the metal is a light weight addition in car frames and doors and therefore the overall weight of the car will be reduced which of cause will results to reduced energy consumption

Whether that is a good idea the numbers put forward by leading researchers have indeed reported that aluminum can be a vey good addition to the sector but skeptics still remain stubborn that aluminum was just an isolated step in creating energy efficient cars. There have been a strong call of improving energy efficiency in cars but even with all that in mind, it is only fair to conclude that with the latest mechanical technology in engine designing if there has been a time where engine and energy efficient cars have been well developed this is the prime. The fact is many car manufacturing companies have remained extra committal in developing an economical fuel efficient car without having to compromise the look and operational nature of automobiles.

A hard task you may think but the prospects of using aluminum look plausible and well in advance of the rest. According to industry analyst, the use of aluminum in the car sector will double in the next ten years or so and in fact, cars made under that concept would have more 50% of aluminum in outer design cover. This will not only produce effective and attractive car design but also it represents a very unique option for manufacturing companies to produce energy efficient cars based on the latest technologies.

The plans to introduce aluminum as a vibrant part of the car manufacturing sector are already underway and companies such as Alcoa have seen the potential of the metal to an extent of investing over $300 million to keep up with the growing demand of the metal from the automotive industry. With all said and done however, the prospect of aluminum in the manufacture of what many have termed as “green cars” does promise production of good and energy efficient cars that still will have the same aesthetic touch as modern car and automobile designs.