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The US branch of Toyota has recently stated that a former IT employee has been able to hack into their confidential files. The fired employee has been able to get access to files regarding prices, parts, and designs that are the sole property of the auto manufacturing company.

Toyota made a complaint against the former employee, Ibrahimshah Shahulhameed, at the Lexington court a week ago. In the complaint was a request for an RTO ordering Shahulhameed to stop information dissemination regarding the various documents that he has gained access to. Included in the said RTO is the prevention of the former employee from leaving the US up until all charges against him be lifted or pushed through.

The company has unsuccessfully been able to locate the said employee immediately but his recent address was documented to be that of Georgetown, Kentucky.

There have been continued efforts to look into the problem as well as figure out the reason why these files have come into the hands of the said employee. Security personnel have been questioned about the incident and whether or not the information has actually been given to other people.

As of now, Toyota thinks that the hacked information has not yet reached any other competitor since no evidence of it has been found. Toyota’s spokesman, Rick Hesterberg, declines to give any information regarding preventive measures and all the other details as to plans on how the issue will be solved further. According to him, it would be too early to speculate on the possible things that may happen.

Shahulhameed has been known to be fired on the 23rd of August and has been found out to be logged into the company’s system at midnight of the same night. Alleged reports said that the fired employee continued to be logged into the files as late as six to seven in the morning of the following day.

Specifically, he has been said to be logged into the company’s secure website where business transactions and ideas between Toyota and its various suppliers. The complaint reiterates that it will take Toyota several days in order to know the full impact and extent of the damage done by in the company’s system.

The court’s written document has claimed that the former employee was about to leave the US of which he has a citizenship of.