Project Description

Today cars come with a lot of technology and its many parts are monitored. Automobiles are connected to the web in to get information about traffic and weather while the driver can always use navigation systems to go anywhere without a map. Ford knows all this and wants to make everything even more impressive. Simply put, the automaker wants to have the car monitoring system do more than before; monitor the health of the driver in order to avoid accidents.

Ford announced a new partnership with various health companies in order to create special apps that monitor various medical issues like asthma, diabetes and hypoglycemia. This is done through the SYNC infotainment system.

The official statement showed that Ford is planning to introduce the new health apps in a maximum time frame of 2 years from now.  SYNC is currently available in the 2011 models and this includes Lincoln MKX, Ford F-150 and Ford Focus. The chance will not be difficult to make and a simple software update might be tricky.

The problem is that some of the apps that are considered proves to be tricky to include at the moment. It would be necessary for the car owners contact Ford dealership and purchase the extra monitoring systems that are required. Only new models are expected to come with these apps as default. One of the apps in question would need the addition of a special pollen-monitoring app that would suit people that have blood glucose problems and allergies.

The official partners that have been announced to help in the development of the health monitoring apps are WellDoc, SDI Health and Medtronic. SYNC would be used to keep the driver connected to monitoring services and doctors, together with data analysis and health industry technologies. Micro sensors and wireless proliferation can be combined with Bluetooth based devices in order to transfer data about blood sugar towards a cloud computer. This can offer great analysis and results.

The first Ford app that will be offered will most likely be the allergy related one. This is believed to be done with SDI Health and Alerts about pollen levels will be offered in real time just like the drivers are nowadays receiving weather and traffic information. Ford customers will most likely be able to monitor various conditions like stress level and heart rate while driving.

Some people argue that the alerts might be distracting for the drivers, especially when they know that they are suffering from a serious condition. However, the app will be designed with that in mind so it should not be a problem. The new move from Ford has been received with open arms by current customers and it might be a factor to consider in the future for people that are interested in vehicles sold by the automaker. Nothing extra is known about the implementation of the apps or the actual way in which they will work but it is expected that news will be released as soon as such an application is ready to be fully implemented.