Project Description

Well to be honest if there is an automotive industry in the world that has really been accredited with superb and executive car brands and designs then the Germans are top in the list and if at all the latest new look BMW 630i is anything like a yardstick to measure how far the German automobile industry has come, to be fair and absolutely honest it has indeed come so far. The car represents and exclusive blend of modern design based on the latest technology and mechanical prowess that has improved engine efficiency and capacity. The car is an improved model of the previous version and what’s more to it is an improved seating capacity and legroom.

That’s not all the BMW 640i comes fully fit with a N55 engine with a direct injection attribute and timing system that has just ensured the 3.5 liter engine produces 315 bhp and 330 lb torque power. A powerful car in other words one that has been embellished by improved design and appealing looks. Aside from that, the improved BWM 640i Gran Coupe is designed with an eight speed highly efficient gear box which is actually automatic and that simply means that the engine is at liberty to perform at its best in whatever conditions. With all that power, there is no doubt that the car is indeed flexible and can be used in whatever occasions you have in mind.

No matter the roads, the stability of the car makes it handle anything and in fact, you can actually shift the gears to sporty in that in essence you will be driving the coupe on a sports car gear, interesting isn’t it? The good thing about the car is that it automatically adapts to whatever conditions that are thrown to it. The dynamic driving system also helps it to do that and when you consider the fact that the car has one of the best shock response capacity, it is becoming clear why the BMW 640i Gran Coupe is a popular and well sought after car make in the market right now.

The road grip of the car and the stability is no question and the double wish-bone design of the front suspension complimented with large enough tires means that the car stays firmly on the ground no matter the conditions. The car is large but again the design makes it easy to drive and even more interesting, the stylish look of the BMW 640i reflects a modern approach in car designing at its best.  When the car is finally out in mid June next year this would be some of the features to look out for albeit there is more to the car that anyone will soon discover when using it. In any case, what is very clear right now is that indeed the BMW 640i Gran coupe is car that just epitomizes the best ideas in car designing in the world.