Project Description

Chevrolet Cruze is a model that is well known for its fuel economy feature which is definitely above average. The Eco model is especially popular because of its capacity to run longer with the same amount of fuel compared to cars in its class on the market. To make matters even more impressive, Chevrolet’s parent firm, GM, just announced that the Cruze Eco’s fuel effeciecy will even get better in the future.

In order to achieve this, it is important that the car reduces its weight as much as possible. The main part which was considered most  was the spare tire. An official GM press release stated that the Chevrolet 2011 Curze Eco will no longer include a compact, traditional wheel and tire space. Instead the model will have its the wheel, jack and the spare tire being replaced with tire inflator kits. The automaker claims that this can be used to inject sealant, re-pressurize the tire and close any puncture hole that appears while driving.

About 26 pounds of the car’s weight will be lost due to addition of the electric reinflator, removal of the jack,wheels as well as the spare tire. At first, it does not seem much but in the long run the tests show that the Chevrolet Cruze Eco can end up with an MPG of 42 while driving on the highway.

Is the addition of the tire inflator a good idea? This  is a very important question and there are many people who think that it is not a smart idea to eliminate the comfort offered by having a spare tire. However, the truth is that the weight loss increases MPG and the inflator kit is capable of taking care of most of the tire problems that appear. In the event that a blowout of big proportions appears, the driver can always use the OnStar roadside assistance system in order to get help.

The GM Tire and Wheel Systems director, Terry Connolly, declared that it was not an easy decision to eliminate the spare tire, which is important for drivers. He added that the addition of the new tire pressure monitoring system in the past 5 years made it possible to greatly reduce the possibility that the flat tire can leave the driver stranded. Because of this, the decision is justified.

Those shoppers who do not want to take chances will be allowed to opt for the Cruze Eco model with the spare tire included. Unfortunately, the price will be higher in this case. It was announced that the compact spare wheel and tire would cost the buyer an extra $100.

Fuel efficiency is really important for all potential customers so the move is warranted. It is still not known if the move will be embraced by the public but given the fact that the new inflator system can actually take care of many tire related problems, the change is a welcomed one. It is also expected that some design changes will be made in order to make the car lighter but this is just speculation at this point.