Project Description

The German company, Mercedes Benz, which has released numerous luxurious and classy model cars, has yet another one in store for us next year. It is called the Mercedes Benz S Class and it is the 9th generation of the S Class and has been in the making for quite some time but the wait is almost over because it will hit the showrooms next year. Mercedes Benz has put a lot of work into this next generation S Class maybe because they were topped by competitors the last time or maybe it’s because this will be their company brand model? Whichever the answer is, it is still one of the most awaited car models to be released next year.

Mercedes Benz originally wanted three models of the GenNext S Class but now they have expanded it to 6 models. The new models will include convertibles with an option of 2 or 4 door model and also coupe models. Judging from the number of models the company has come up with it is certain that these cars will receive numerous amount of scrutiny from everyone after the failure of the Maybach.

The 9th generation S Class still retains its conventional S class look and feel but has shaved off some few inched off of the front grill while positioning it a little more upright than the usual. Its headlight got an upgrade as well as it is now equipped with daytime running LEDs and is wrapped around the fenders and hood which gives it a sleeker and sharper design. The front possesses more details with grills that significantly have more lines to the hood and a beautiful prominent line that swoops from the headlights all the way to the rear lights. Tail lamps were not left out of the upgrade for it also has the daytime LEDs as that of the front plus it now has twin exhaust pipes that are just a great addition to the aesthetic impact of this car.

The interior upgrade highlights are the big screen that is as big as the middle of the dashboard which is also customizable to display your instrument panels, the infotainment system is one of the additions here and a rounded air-condition vents that will be a passenger pleaser for sure. Mercedes has promised that they will be using high grade materials for the interior and they will be introducing more high-tech gadgets into these GenNext S Class models.

With the said upgrades to the Mercedes S Class, there is no doubt that many car show goers will flock to these models and scrutinize every inch and angle of it. From the exterior up to the interior, Mercedes has given the public something to look forward to and something to talk about after. But one thing is for certain, this new S Class models will come out late next year and will cause heads to turn.