Project Description


It is no doubt that this German automotive company has given this new car a different design. This vehicle uses the same chassis that the series 5 and 6 use across their many models. If you look at the car closely you will instantly see that it cross breed between a sedan and a coupe. This car has also been designed to have more legroom since coupes usually has a reputation of being too small. In total, a 4.8 in of legroom has been added to this model and a vestigial seat has been installed for additional seating capacity; BMW calls this feature the 4+1 seating respectively. The rear seats can also be folded 60/40 to give way to larger loads and bulkier stuffs.

BMW has given usually has a V-8 engine inside a car whenever the number “4” appears in the name but this machine got a N55 engine much like the single –turbo inline-6 engines of the 135i, 335i and 535i. This 3.0L engine has a direct injection feature and the company’s VANOS Va; vetronic variable valve-lift and timing system which produce a 315bhp and 330lb.-ft torque power. The 8 speed automatic gearbox makes sure that this engine will always perform accordingly in any condition.

The 640i is a very flexible car to use on different occasions. The 5 mode settings gives you the advantage of choosing an appropriate setting for either soft, highway and city driving or stiff for a more adventurous driving experience. This 5 mode settings is backed up by BMW’s Driving Dynamic Controls which adjusts the vehicles settings to suit the driving conditions. The settings switch can be located near the gearshift and includes Eco Pro setting, two Comfort setting and two Sport settings.


BMW designed these settings to easily adjust the shock damping capability, throttle tip-in aggressiveness, firmness of the shift transmission and optional active roll stabilization and rear-steer settings.

Although this is a coupe, there is still a sporty characteristic to this model and it also has a sport gear mode setting as well. This car can definitely handle itself well on twisty roads, hills and valleys under the Sport and Sport+ settings while the remaining 3 modes are suitable for city and highway driving.

What’s amusing about this car is that it doesn’t really give you the feeling of driving a large vehicle. Maybe it is due to the well-boosted steering weight and the subdued feedback of the car. Interestingly, the more you move away from the on-center, the steering feel significantly improves.

Front suspension has a double-wishbone design and multi-link pieces on the rear ones which are all made from aluminum. These suspensions aids in the keeping of the large 20-in. wheel and 245 front and 275 rear tires firmly on the ground if you opt for the Sport or the M-Sport units, if not; then your car will come with a 245-width tires on 18-in wheels.

It is easy to see that these cars will be known because of its style and design. The LED fog lights and taillights, chrome trim on both front and rear valence, a beautifully mounted rear capping window, the center mounted, full span third brake light just adds to the modern and stylish overall body shape of the vehicle.

This car takes up more of the 6 series sleeker and stylish feel and look rather than the 5 series more rugged and heavy appeal. It just goes to say that this car will definitely be a head turner once it hits the streets.

By mid-to-late June this new BMW car will be available to dealers at an MSRP of $76,895 and then this will be followed by the 650i V-8 twin turbo model that will have a 445bhp/480-lb.-ft of power and BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system installed. MSRP for the 650i will be 87,395