Project Description

Daimler Chrysler’s PT Cruiser convertible may not be the prettiest sight in the market but Chrysler never intended to remove the top in order to maintain body stiffness. The decent ride quality and comfort is more than a make up for beauty. In a similar fashion the Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet has emerged as a top end convertible with adept handling, a fuel-saver diesel engine and a rampant supply of low-end grunt (performance).

The Mazda Miata has emerged as more aggressive than before and as a basic sports car it’s very affordable, so you could reliably buy it without a test drive! As a front end competitor, the Ford Mustang Convertible takes the muscle car to an altogether new dimension where it balances muscle with style, with unrivalled elegance. The popular Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder has become a handsome car that is satisfying to drive even more with its emergence in the convertible segment although its popularity is having a hard time against competition.

In total contrast the MINI Cooper convertible is speedy, quaintly rude and fun to drive around, with a low price tag and the added luxury of being a convertible although backing up is a little messy with restricted vision. The Chrysler Crossfire Roadster is altogether another class as it houses a Mercedes under its skin with two seats and a retreating top that is docile enough for both daily commuting as well as getting away from the entire hum drum. Toyota Camry Solara Convertible has really aided its hard top iteration, to attract a new crowd with yet undiscovered talent in its looks coupled with respectable performance that has upheld the famed Toyota quality.

Splendour in the Honda S2000 has not diminished over the years but the price tag has definitely soared given the sheer ecstasy of the drive and the unrivalled feel of the cabin with the top down. Much the same way, the BMW Z4 comes equipped with a large price tag, looks to die for, and a performance to kill for, of course if you can feed it all that gas.