Project Description

BMW initially released some dark photos in which you could only see a glimpse of the new Zagato Roadster but now we got a chance to see it in all its splendor at Pebble Beach. What is more interesting is that the car took 6 weeks to be completed from the original drawing to the finished concept model. Everything appears as an addition to the Zagato Coupe that was showcased in Italy at Concourso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

The BMW Group Design senior vice president, Adrian van Hooydonk, declared that the team had the challenge of making sure that the car was ready in time until the Pebble Beach Concours. He added that it took a lot of work and the reason why the project was a success is that the team has a great experience. All people involved were praised for being able to finish a new car on such a tight schedule.

Car Design Facts

From the first moment you look at the new BMW Zagato Roadster you can see the proportions of a classic sports vehicle. The hood is sweeping and there is a very short rear that is quite similar to the Zagato coupe version. The kidney type grille sits up in the front of the car with the use of Z-designs, as opposed to the regular normal bars. Hot air is extracted with the use of 2 ports that are cut out right from the hood.

If you look at the BMW car from above, you will immediately notice the double-bubble roof, a Zagato hallmark, which extends from the rear of the car right towards the hood through roll bars. The car’s rear is wide and low, while featuring an interesting spoiler that manages to extend the automobile’s perceived width. You will surely like the fact that the brake lights are artistically surrounded with a black accent and that the BMW roundel is left in a small circle. The exhaust pipes are placed on each side of the automobile and a diffuser was used to take air from under the car’s back end.

Every single BMW owner loves the wheels of the cars that are designed and the Zagato Roadster is not different. The car features 19 inch wheels and a design that is five-spoke. The inspiration for this choice came from how a propeller looked and it is a good addition that marks the legacy of the founders. Both Zagato and BMW founders have strong roots in aviation. The vehicle that was showcased was gray with brown and black accents.

If you are worried about the fact that you cannot register or drive the car in your country, you should not worry. The car is similar to the coupe model so there is no way that problems will appear and there is a very strong chance that the Zagato Roadster will be allowed in most countries. The only real problem is that it was not announced whether or not the car is to be produced in large numbers. This remains to be seen.