Project Description

The early contract of Volkswagen Golf has been assigned to an Indian company for the sake of designing a new model. The Volkswagen Golf latest model new style has a set up with fully equipped segment. Volkswagen got exceptional feedbacks from the local and foreign markets when this brand was first introduced on the market in 1974. The new three theme models have been selected to be launched in the upcoming period in which additional performance and mechanical maintenance will be added.

The model of 2011 and theme of 2012 are going to be the most touching market products with full capacity and mechanical performance work. The car arrives with six speed manual transmission that produces a torque of 4200 rpm. The 2.0 Liter engine has maximum potential and elasticity grip. The safety features of the car include ABS braking system, day time running lights, fog lamps and motion sensor detectors, electronic stabilization, parking sensors and day time running lights.

No doubt that the car has all the characteristics of a luxury turbo car or a sports car which is designed by taking a concept of comfort. The front grill of the car it gives a look of a sports car with U shaped indicators at the exterior end. The car has a design of a V shape from front and has a 17 inch alloy rim wheels which provides maximum grip to the car while running on maximum acceleration. While going into the review of interior style, an Air conditioning system, with fast fan rollers are added into the cooling system of the car.

Radio/FM/MP3/CD transmission with USB connectivity is available to make the interior of the car an enjoyable environment. The four speakers show the boost of sounds with amplifier technology. Passengers have maximum space to accommodate themselves as it has capacity of five persons. The new style look that has been designed in India hit the local market. The brand becomes popular because of its five seating capacity. The cargo option of the car provides luggage boxes inside the car in the doors, at the back of seat and at the bottom of the car.

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