Project Description

The biggest reselling brand on the market is Toyota, which is spreading its luxury cars all over the globe. No doubt, it has been confirmed that Toyota cars have maximum reselling potential and their management team is still working on new models with respect to the growing technologies and consumer demands. The screen of the car has a multi function display which shows the position of climate, weather updates, and engine hp, air pressure and road grip.

If we talked about the 2011 Toyota Prius model, we will come to understand that it is the extended form of the old model that has been designed in 2010 for the global market. However it owns the biggest part of the market compared to other brand cars. The handsome fuel rating of this car is recognized by this fact of thinking that it provides 51 Miles in a single gallon in cities and 48 Miles per gallon on highways. The enhancing fuel consumption of this car makes it favored among the users and transporters.

2011 Toyota Prius arrives with same exterior look as the old one. It has only a little difference in rear and front head lights, but has extensive difference in performance, and has a changed interior style as compared to the old 2010 model and other previous brands. The car has an enormous space to accommodate five passengers with a cargo option at the back side of the car. The car is publically known as the hybrid car of Toyota and has a 1.8 Liter four cylinders gasoline engine. While running on a highway, a torque of 134 Horse Power is produced by the car engine.

The car has an aim to use the automatic system of fuel consumption saving when engine is either stopped or running. The fully automatic and button command control, management system has to rise the standard car up into a royal status. The air conditioning system of the car is an energy saver, as the car has solar energy panels, and it is perhaps the world most fuel saving car category. The dashing features of the car include a Bluetooth connectivity, rear view camera system and voice recognition system.

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