Project Description

Nissan is serving its customers for few decades by providing quality brand cars, with an improvement in technology and structure every year. In previous years, the quality of standard cars was maintained by keeping the view on cost, but nowadays cost is quite behind compared to comfort, reliability, and durability. If we talked about the 2011 Nissan Murano, no doubt it’s an expensive mid-size SUV that touches the royal brand of consumer products, but beside that, it leads the segment of new style and comfort. The jeep look stylish brand relates to the royal family status car.

The brand is in the range of upper class community with unlimited comfort and benefits. This model of the 2011 Nissan Murano is full of luxury functions, available in automatic and manual transmission, depending upon the customer’s choice. Aerodynamic shape keeps the balance of the car in smooth and running condition. All the necessary features are fully equipped in this car and specially designed for mud areas, uncovered roads, hilly areas and bad weather,  and the car maintains its grip over the surface of bad weather conditions.

The four wheels drive is the extra quality control management in high altitude areas and rocky roads as it provides full support and power to the engine to rise up the car where ever the driver wants it to drive. By considering it’s a sports vehicle, the brand has maximum acceleration in automatic mode and provides economy fuel due to fuel saving extinct. Nissan 2011 Murano is a car which can be used without sun roof and upper head of the car as it turns around in backward position.

The exterior and interior is quite expensive as it looks like a dashing room. Driver has full command and grip control in hands via buttons designed on steering wheel as well as side bar window panel. According to some experts the visibility on the driving seat is not up to the standard as other brands provide. This is the only drawback that is observed in Nissan Murano 2011, however the overall performance of this car is excellent and it is a huge mass gigantic car.

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