Project Description

The most heart touching brand of 2011 is the latest model of Honda Fit, commonly known as the super champion brand. The Honda Company is providing its customers with the most advanced luxury and comfortable brand of cars all over the world. Honda FIT is one of the most popular and enhancing brands among the users of Honda cars. The aero dynamic shape provides maximum acceleration to the engine, providing the car with smoothness and speed on the road by maintaining its road grip during a highway travel or a normal local road way.


Hydraulic brake system and, disk to all parts of the shafts are included into the brake system of the car. Brakes are with anti lock and anti front and back restraints, which keep the car efficiency stable and provide maximum protection during the usage of the brake system of the car. The back side of the boot has an extra option of a fifth door which has enough space for goods and can be used as a fifth door. The car has a sleek exterior starting from fog lights to the back side door.


The seats are highly supportive and add comfort to the interior of the car, with a round shaped cabin from one side, which allows the driver to have a smooth and easy drive. The interior includes a mass storage of equipments, an USB plug, connectivity for iPod and laptop and a ten cup holder. The folding seats allow the passenger to make extra space and maximize the seats in order to use in desired mode.  The car has horse power of 117 and has an engine capacity of 1.5 liter, which provides maximum average of fuel consumption.


The 2011Honda brand, Fit has already won so many awards for its efficient working and high class market all over the world. The Honda introduces ACE structure which provides the car with maximum protection during a long way drive. FIT 2011 is perhaps the most affordable product among the users as it provides maximum efficiency, full protection, low cost budget, fully designed for a family and luxurious comfort as other expensive brands of car provides.

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