Project Description

The most royal style brand of a car, the Honda Civic has done a successful voyage since its release model up to its latest model. The typical user of Honda Civic is not satisfied with any car brand, but the Honda Civic. Civic has the maximum luxury features that expensive cars usually have. The manufacturers while designing the Honda Civic always kept in mind the interest of driver and added the most enhanced features to easily get the dominant market share in the world.

The Honda civic is now entering into the eight generation of its birth and touching the taste of driving. The promise of Honda Civic is the same as it will remain the royal class of cars to its customers in every new generation. Stylish new colors were added to the Civic for the dashing outlook which narrates the taste of personality.  The interior is fully designed with great care which includes the easy and safe mode of seat adjustment with a grip on steering. Using down pedals, provides extra comfort while driving along a smooth road side or on a highway.

Digital transmission of functions make clearance of each and every task required by the car. USB plug, iPod connectivity and cup holders are added to make it enchanting with an updated navigation system. Wide wind screen and the aerodynamic shapes provides smoothness and speed. The Civic is equipped with two engines, a 1.8 Liter four cylinders and generates a horse power of 140, and a to 2.0 Liter Four cylinders, that produces utmost 197 horse powers.

With the brand of Honda civic 2011, we have top engine performance with maximum coverage per liter and per kg gasoline system transmission. It is cost effective or either called low cost budget car among the royal class brands. Improved navigation system of the car is available in Honda civic 2011. This vehicle has maximum average on both automatic and manual transmission. Interior and exterior features are the sign of company’s strength and potential, and they are highly efficient production.

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