Project Description

2011 Ford Mustang arrives in the market with some old format bringing out only a few changes in interior, exterior and as well as mechanical performance. Ford has a VVIP brand of Mustang 2011 which is highly liked by its customers. Normally the performance of this car is better than the previous versions of the car models launched by Ford Company. A new 4.0 Liter engine with V6 power is added to the older version.

The car is equipped with automatic transmission control system having 24 valve engine capacities. This mechanical performance of the equipped engine generates a Horse power of 305, and is providing a 35 Miles drive in a single gallon of fuel. A Ford car provides the maximum torque and running potential when it is running on a fuel economy average of millage mode. Ford with the 2011 model made improvement with some new specifications and infrastructure, and compared to the previous Mustang model there is substantial improvement.

The management team of Ford realized that the Ford Mustang 2011 is quite popular among their fans and has a reputed market value. Premium technology is added to V-6 engine as to make the working efficiency and fuel consumption of engine fantastic. A dual exhaust system is introduced into the engine turbo and cooling system to make the working of the engine professional. The amazing Cooling system keeps the throttle and carburetor cool.

Due to engine cooling system, the engine temperature remains normal even at seven thousands RPM. Management claims that after the addition of V6 engine, the oil change terminology rises up to ten thousand miles after cleaning the Filter and carburetor tuning. Besides the performance, the road grip also imparts a vital role as in sports model, the 18 inch alloy rim is used with huge suspensions to make the car grip on plain road as well as over rocky areas. As compared to previous models, the engine sound has also some difference due to reduction of the decibel level by certified mechanical engineers.

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