Project Description

2011 Ford fusion needs no introduction among the high profile brands of the Ford Cars. It is a medium size hybrid car which is available in single trim phase. Same like old brands and model, the specifications include 17 Inch alloy rims and high engine power capacity. The Ford Fusion is best in a lot aspects but there engines are quite noisy. Various Ford brand cars have few generations that are starting their growth on the car market, however right now the Ford Fusion is in full bloom with many extra ordinary technologies with low cost budget.


The popularity of a product can only be judged when it touches the microfinance area of the particular territory. The interior and exterior of the car arrived on the market with compatible size and full new technology versions which include metallic colors, keyless entry system, ABS brake system, power monitoring, Alloy rim wheels, Automatic and manual transmission with different speeds. A USB connection for Laptop connectivity or, either iPod connectivity is also added in this car’s features.


A button key system controls the audio system and volume checking, automatic headlamps are adjusted for large view, new style keyless entry equipped with a security code pad system, power seats are for the first time introduced for eight different directions mode for driver and four different directions mode for the rest of the passengers. A multimode automatic control system of climate is the comprehensive feature which narrated the position of the car control management system.  A powerful steering wheel with button control system, front and rear view mirror button control and six speakers for the MP3/VCD/DVD/ or any FM transmission.


The quality of this sports car is also available with excellent running potential over the hilly areas and plain roads. Smoothness of the engine remains same in all over the driving and the suspension system keeps the engine and car interface in the control of the driver. The latest model is upgraded up to 3.0 Liter V6 engine that has capacity of E85 category fuel, which provides a Horse Power of 240. Average fuel consumption on highways is 25 miles per gallon fuel which is considered as some fuel economy consumption.

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