Project Description

Ford Motor Company with its royal and comfort cars occupies the car market all over the world by providing a heart touching statements with their brand: “Don’t dream it, just drive it”. Now the 2011 Ford Fiesta comes with some new and fantastic features that are available in four-door hatchback and sedans with a stylish outlook shape.

The New Ford Fiesta is a rising brand of the Ford Company which is a successful project of the manufacturer in generating this car for a maximum fuel saving system commonly known as fuel injecting system. According to the Ford manufacturers, the Fiesta car includes 15 class-exclusive features subjected to latest brand cars.  Ford Fiesta comes with affordable luxury comfort and enhanced packages and models. The Small sedans and 5 door hatchbacks are extensively known to the young generation and expensive car buyers, who like to choose special comfort in an affordable price.

The brand features of the ford fiesta include a six-speed driving transmission in automatic as well as in manual, xenon lighting, seven fully standard pressure bags, having optional leather seating surfaces for which customer demands, self start button, monitoring and alarming system with other benefits. The engine capacity of 1.6 Liter and 120 horse power provides the maximum average of driving consumption and gives economy expense. The taste of five speeds manual driving provides fuel economy and driver shifts the gear according to the need when required while driving. Ford estimates the Fiesta’s fuel economy at 30 mpg city/40 mpg highway for the automatic and 29/38 for the manual.

The Ford Fiesta six-speed automatic transmission brand arrives in the market with a compartment style looks likes a cockpit of a pilot. The automatic transmission comes with a sensor, in which the driver is not require to change the gear, the car does it all itself. The air pressure on the sensor motion brought the message to the shafts and clings to change the shift. However driver can make the car in lower shift to avoid accelerator. The new Fiesta is definitely a known brand of FORD cars, which provides maximum comfort while driving and feels like a luxury environment.

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