Project Description

Chevrolet Cruze is one of the most fantastic cars on the market, and the introduction of the new 2011 model equipped with the latest technology, attracted the attention of drivers. General Motors added several featured functions to the old version of cobalt cars to the brand new Chevrolet Cruze. A new style is added to the old cobalt version car in order to make the product reliable and durable for the buyers. The size is slightly larger than old cobalt one and have dashing and decent look for the attraction.

The General Motors management has announced that Cruze 2011 will be available with 16 Valve engines that will generate 112 hp to 140 hp either on CNG or fuel engines and provides proper variable valve timing with inlet and exhaust phase. This technology provides better fuel consumption average while the car is on stable speed. The exhaust phase of the car will be dual mode to keep the inside and outside temperature of the car to a normal standard. Six speed transmissions will be added to the manual gear box, while automatic transmission will have a five speed gear box.

The price of the car begins from a low value of $16,995 to make space among the market competitors. Fuel injecting system was added to provide full bloom engine markup during driving on plain roads as well as rocky surface. Company management has made a lot of work into the car’s interior, such as a Bluetooth connectivity, USB port plug, Stereo, FM facility, Full air conditioning system and powerful steering module.

General motors launched three different models on the market as per public demand and opinion. LS, LT LTZ are the latest brand models that are in company manufacturer progress.  According to the management team and manufacturer of General Motors, the 2011 Cruze will be available on the market soon. The fuel economy consumption and low cost budget price is a fantastic offer for the public and this brand will touch the market soon after launching in public.

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