AutomotiveNews is a car blog loader of posts. It loads the posts via ajax without re-loading of the page in the browser. In the bottom of the blog page there is a scroller/slider of older posts. It is meant to be used for the home page of your blog/site. The first post it loads is the latest.

You can use this simple but very useful plugin for any blog what-so-ever, auto blog, car dealership blog, news for boats, planes etc. The design is multi-purpose and it will adapt to the overall design of your theme. If you want you can adjust the design by adding some css rules in your theme style.


– Loading posts animation (fade in/ out)
– Scroller or slider for older posts
– Ability to change the number of older posts in scroller
– jQuery scroller
– Simple but beautiful design
– Shortcodes can be embedded anywhere
– Full documentation available

Post Types

If you have multiple post types in your WordPress theme, you can use this plugin to load a particular post type, by adding the post_type attribute in the shortcode.