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CarMusing's affiliate program helps you monetize your online connections, with one of the highest referral rates than any other program. Earning money is pretty simple, post a link to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Forum profiles, place an ad into your website, and watch your profit grow.

See what make us different than any other program:

  • Highest Rates than any other affiliate marketing program. The affiliate marketeers get up to 90% of the product price. That's an amazing offer, that you can't get anywhere else.
  • Real Valuable Products. Our offer is sweet, and products valuable listing packages, that will help anyone who wants to get a premium price on their used vehicle (see below).
  • Complete Control. Use our Affiliate Tools to attract potential customers, get insights, track your referrals, and withdraw your money through credit card or wire-transfer to your bank account.
  • No Time Limitation. Yeah that's right, once you refer someone, his/hers account is marked as your referral FOREVER. As long as he buys something you get a percentage from that sale.
  • Multiple Referrals. You are not only getting a percentage of your own referrals, but if they become an affiliate and refer someone else, you get a percentage from them too.

Here is an example of the levels:

Note that you get a percentage not only from your primary referrals, but if they succeed to sign up someone, you get a percentage from them.

Highest Rates Possible

Our offer is one of the best, you get up to 90% of the product price if make enough income. Even if you don't get there the lowest cumulative rate is 55% from your network of referrals.

* Total income is calculated by multiplying your sales with the packages bought. Transaction costs are not included.

You can easily get $5000 per month just from referring to us 5-10 customers. If your referrals become our affiliate partners, you will get a percentage of their sales as well. Ask yourself, do you think that 5 of your blog readers, website viewers, social media followers are interested in selling their vehicle? Why not help them get the service they need?

Is it for Real??

When we offer a program we make sure it's 100% REAL and achievable by ANYONE. This is our long-term strategy - increase customer satisfaction by offering new and advanced services.

The affiliate program supplies you with a referral link and a discount of each package. Just post a link on your Facebook wall, Twitter profile, or include it in your blog post. You don't have to be a professional, anyone can do it.

Why waste time with us? Because this is the best offer you are going to get anywhere. No sign up costs, high rates, real sellable products, advanced tracking and no time limitation. You can withdraw your credit anytime, with Payoneer, MoneyBookers or Direct Wire Transfer to your bank account.

Real Valuable Products

There are 3 different listing packages that we offer to our customers, Basic ($4.99), Standard ($9.99) and Premium ($19.99).

With your referral link they also get a 5% discount on all packages, so if they need to sell their car, your personal message and our discount will let them know we are the best out there.

What others are saying

"At first I wasn't sure if it's going to work, but now am happy I tried it - paid off the effort."
Jerry from Allentown, Pennsylvania

"You can make a nice additional income by referring people to this site, and it's so easy to do it."
Stephenie from Rockford, Illinois

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